Marina & Ross

Marina naturally progressed to studying Herbal Medicine through growing medicinal plants, organic vegetables, and producing organic foods while living a self sufficient lifestyle on a smallholding. This culminated in her studying Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine and her consequent desire to pass on her knowledge of herbs and food.  After her studies Marina gained experience working alongside doctors in a Naturopathic hospital in India before setting up practice in Sligo. Marina has been growing medicinal plants, harvesting, drying and making different herbal medicine preparations for over 12 years. Marina gives talks and runs weekend courses on the farm in Cliffoney teaching the public about nutrition, herbal medicine, growing herbs and making herbal remedies. She feels that educating the public about herbal medicine is an integral part to her role as a herbalist. Her expertise as a herbalist has been called on for appearances on television programmes for RTÉ, BBC Northern Ireland and TG4.

Ross' inspiration to become a professional Herbalist and Naturopath grew from his passion for growing medicinal plants. Understanding the importance of connecting plants with people as part of his practice Ross set up Bareroot Botanicals medicinal plant nursery and herb farm. He has over 10 years experience in growing medicinal herbs and is now researching the viability of many rare and endangered medicinal crops from around the world that are suitable to our climate. To encourage Irish Organic farmers to grow medicinal herbs as a crop Ross offers a consulting service focusing on sustainability and profitability.In 2016 Ross launched the first herbal tincture processing company in Ireland and is currently not taking on any new patients due to the demands of this new venture. The Irish Herb Dispensary Ltd. will provide Irish grown and processed fresh organic specific tinctures for sale only to qualified herbalist.