A Typical Consultation

An initial consultation takes 1 – 1½hrs. The following is covered: 
  • Reason for consult discussed
  • Previous medical history taken
  • Current medications reviewed
  • Indepth assessment of all body systems
  • Specific health issues are focused on
  • Pulse and tongue examination (Ayurvedic and TCM techniques)
  • Blood pressure taken
  • Naturopathic and Herbal treatment given
  • Nutritional advice given and supplements recommended if needed 
  • Iridology Eye assessment is done during the follow up consultation

Chronic fatigue is a serious condition that effects many people. The Naturopathic treatment approach focuses on balancing blood sugar levels and minerals in the body through diet and supplementation. Herbal medicines are employed to nourish your adrenals and give you the energy boost needed. Our busy lifestyles means most people are in need of an adrenal tonic. This tonic is tailor made for each person based on their individual situation. Read more to find out about the signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue.


Conditions such as chronic bronchitis, recurring chest infections, asthma, sinusitis, hayfever and the common cold or flu can all respond well to changes made to the diet and with herbs.  Whether it is a remedy needed for an acute infection or a tonic to keep recurring infections away both can be resolved by natural means. We use antibiotic, anti-bacterial and immunostimulant herbs to treat respiratory conditions whilst strengthen the immune system to prevent recurrence.

Any kind of stress or emotional upset can create imbalance of the nervous system. This can be due to a physical condition or trauma on the body or can be a result of ongoing stress. Many different situations can lead to anxiety, depression, nervousness, nervous indigestion, mental anguish, irritability, headaches and migraines, insomnia, lack of concentration and muscle spasm. These conditions all respond well to herbal medicines. The whole picture needs to be taken into account as nervous system issues manifest in the physical body in different ways. We use nervine relaxant and stimulant herbs to restore balance.

Thyroid abnormalities are affecting more and more people. This can be due to mineral and vitamin deficiencies, environmental causes, hormone imbalances and poor liver function. Herbal medicines are used to alleviate symptoms and treat the underlying causes. We use Genova diagnostics laboratories to test full thyroid hormone panel. Many people are not aware they have thyroid issues. Read more for info on thyroid health.

There are a range of menstrual issues that women endure from irregular periods , heavy bleeding in menopause, PMT and more serious conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis. All of which can be treated successfully with the combination of nutrition and herbs. As there are many reasons for menstrual disorders, an in-depth look into diet and lifestyle must be taken before any treatment is given. Balancing hormonal levels and detoxifying the liver using herbs is key to treatment.

Although you may think you are eating healthily, it is often the case that a person is eating inappropriately for their constitution. The naturopathic approach to nutrition assesses the individual constitution using Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis. Uncovering the root cause is the focus of treatment whilst addressing any symptoms. Where food sensitivities may be an issue coeliac, IgE and IgG blood testing can be carried out. Other diagnostic tests like H.Pylori stool test or parasite testing can be done if necessary.

Most skin conditions can be resolved through an individual nutritional plan and herbal remedy. This usually involves elimination of some foods and may include supplementation. Herbal medicines work to act on the lymphatic system and the liver to promote detoxification. Other naturopathic methods help alleviate symptoms while cleansing the body. As stress is often a trigger for skin conditions this is addressed in treatment. We make creams up specifically for the patient to tackle acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. 

There a different causes of high blood pressure and cholesterol. The most common are diet, lifestyle and stress. Sometimes nutritional advice alone can correct this imbalance. A combination of relaxation techniques, herbs and nutritional and lifestyle changes over a period of time allows for a safe return to normal levels.

With a busy and stressful lifestyle your immune system can easily become lowered. Many health issues are a direct result of low immunity. A lowered immune system leaves us open to bacteria and viruses that can affect our digestive system, urinary system, skin, respiratory system causing a whole host of symptoms including general malaise and fatigue. The best way to get an immune boost is through proper rest, specific foods and the help of immunomodulant herbs. Read more about why it is important to avoid antibiotics year in year out over the winter months.   

Detoxification is an essential part of Naturopathic treatment and for maintaining optimum health. The liver, our detoxification organ often needs a break from the pressure it is put under by improper diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.  By detoxifying regularly it gives our bodies a rest from this strain and allowing the body to work on healing itself. This can be done continually through diet and by juice fasting. A detoxification plan can be tailored to the individual and particular conditions. 

Nourishing the body using herbs and nutrition is of the upmost importance during pregnancy. The body is in need of a higher amount of certain nutrients and liver support to protect and grow the baby. Safe herbal medicines are the best way to treat or prevent the common conditions that occur in pregnancy. These include constipation, recurring urinary tract infections and leg cramps. Herbs are also used to strengthen the uterus for delivery. Post delivery herbal care can be provided for haemorrhoids, vaginal tears and prolonged bleeding. We also prescribe herbs to increase breast milk flow. See our videos section for a tips on natural care in pregnancy. We teach couples the Ayurvedic pregnancy massage. Read more to find out about this.

Loss of libido effects men and women of a broad range of ages as sexual desire naturally dips at different stages throughout your lifetime. Herbal remedies have been used for centuries to treat the many causes of loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. The causes vary from nervous system issues to adrenal conditions. Each case has to be assessed individually through consultation to have a remedy made.


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Digestive Issues

After I had my gallbladder removed I was very tired all the time with bad digestion and numerous other issues. A couple of months of taking my herbs and learning how to gently detox made such a difference. I've been recommending herbal treatment to everyone since! Thanks again.



The menopausal symptoms have been far reduced since beginning the herbs and diet. They had got to a stage where it was causing embarrassment and affecting my sleep. Things are now manageable and I feel so much better in myself.


Respiratory Infections

I was so happy this winter not to see the kids on antibiotics again. We got through the whole winter with only a few sniffles but no chest infections or flu. It's great to be able to use something natural and safe to boost their immune systems and nip a cold in the bud. I didn't think it would be easy to give them the remedies at first but they even like the tea! 



It was fantastic to have my very own herbal tea mix during my pregnancy. After the birth I went back for herbal treatment and found the nutritional advice and herbs great for any post birth issues, energy and building me up again. It was so nice to have someone there I could talk to and who understood. Thanks Marina.



I had heard herbs could be good for PMT and was very surprised at how well they worked in the first month. I only take them now if I really need them but everything has be settled for a long time. Thanks! -A

Low Energy

My first consultation was a big eye opener! The following weeks were a steep learning curve in understanding the needs of my own body. I appreciated the sound advice I was given and the affect the herbal remedy and tea mix had on me. My headaches are gone and I've never had as much energy. Thank you.

Recurring Cystitis

I never thought you could use herbs and diet to treat recurring cystitis or the connection with stress. After months of unsuccessful antibiotic use I couldn't get over how one month's treatment on herbs and changing the foods I ate worked so well. It hasn't returned 6 months later. YG


I'm a new man! Energy and motivation is back, sleep restored. Thanks Marina for your generosity of time.


Nothing seemed to help my Crohn's. I suffered with it for 2 years before trying naturopathy and herbs. The nutritional advice I was given and the herbal remedy changed everything. Four months on, as long as I generally stick to the foods appropriate to me I am symptom free. Can't believe I lived with it for so long. Thank you.