Cert. in GACP. (Good Agricultural & Collection Practices) Saturday 20th October

A half day certificate course with Herbalist and Grower Ross Hennessy from Bareroot Botanicals at the East Clare co op.

This course is aimed at the organic farmer or wildcrafter who wishes to grow/harvest medicinal crops and sell them for processing into Herbal medicines. We have to follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards in our processing facility and GACP with growing and harvesting, it insures full trace-ability back to the seed source for each medicinal product. Following GACP standards insures that only the highest quality plants are grown and harvested at their optimal times. The course content is compiled from years of crop trials that Ross has carried out and up to date European guidelines.

We will cover the following topics on the day:



  • Best practice for harvesting and packing.
  • How and why it is important to be compliant in growing medicinal crops
  • Full trace ability using GACP
  • Documentation that is needed for each crop
  • Prices paid for harvested plants in 2018
  • Expected yields of crops.
  • Crops that are need this year and over the coming years
  • Correct identification and wildcrafting
  • Special requirements for certain crops
  • Drying and exporting

On the day we can discuss individually with farmers what crops would be suitable for them to grow and what price they will receive for their crop.

You will receive a certificate of completion from this course which can be used when selling your plant material to herb companies.

***YOUR LOCATION IS IMPORTANT IF ONLY COLLECTING SMALL QUANTITIES OR FRESH HERBS. In order to make the harvesting and collecting a viable option for you, you will need to think of delivering the fresh plants to the processing facility in Nenagh. Roots & bark can be be sent by courier from anywhere in Ireland but fresh flowers, leaf, seed and berries will need to be delivered straight after harvest.

***YOUR LOCATION IS NOT IMPORTANT IF DRYING ONSITE. Drying your herbs means you can ship your herbs to foreign companies for further processing. (Drying herbs overlaps into GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), but we will discuss it)


  • Date: Saturday 20th October 1-5pm
  • Location: East Clare Coop, Main Street, Scarriff, Co. Clare. (Garden Cafe open for lunch, tea and coffee)
  • Cost: €55
  • Number of Participants: 15
  • Booking with paypal (credit/debit card) or contact us for other options(cheque, bank transfer) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Contact Ross for further questions 087 6272633
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