herbal medicine and Naturopathy

Herbal remedies are created from between 5-7 herbs based on a patients symptoms, constitution, subtle imbalances in energy and the specific direction in which their treatment is to be taken.  The herbs work synergistically to give symptomatic relief while gently but effectively bringing the patient’s whole system back into balance.  Herbs also assist in the emotional and spiritual aspects of a persons wellbeing and their energies effect the energies of people.  In this way it is important for the practitioner to understand and see each patient in a holistic way to choose the right combination of herbs for that individual.  No two remedies are alike as no two people are alike.  As herbs work on an energetic level this can bring about emotional shifts whilst also supporting your needs.  The overall effect is a gradual and safe return to harmony and balance.


Naturopathy encompases a broad range of assesment tools and techniques to uncover the root of your health issues.  The basis of naturopathy is nutrition. Under naturopathic treatment a nutritional plan is made and supplements are recommended if needed.  Diagnostic tests can be done if necessary.  The use of Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Iridology give the naturopath a unique approach to assessing the individual constitution of the patient.  Bach Flower remedies and Tissue Salts may also be employed.  Naturopathic advice is given to enable you to increase your wellbeing through lifestyle changes.  As Naturopathy is about education, a good naturopath gives the patient the support and encouragement needed to make steps towards taking responsibility for their own health.  This is achieved by giving the patient a better insight into the individual needs of their body, a deeper understanding of their condition and causes of their health issues.



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Digestive Issues

After I had my gallbladder removed I was very tired all the time with bad digestion and numerous other issues. A couple of months of taking my herbs and learning how to gently detox made such a difference. I've been recommending herbal treatment to everyone since! Thanks again.



The menopausal symptoms have been far reduced since beginning the herbs and diet. They had got to a stage where it was causing embarrassment and affecting my sleep. Things are now manageable and I feel so much better in myself.


Respiratory Infections

I was so happy this winter not to see the kids on antibiotics again. We got through the whole winter with only a few sniffles but no chest infections or flu. It's great to be able to use something natural and safe to boost their immune systems and nip a cold in the bud. I didn't think it would be easy to give them the remedies at first but they even like the tea! 



It was fantastic to have my very own herbal tea mix during my pregnancy. After the birth I went back for herbal treatment and found the nutritional advice and herbs great for any post birth issues, energy and building me up again. It was so nice to have someone there I could talk to and who understood. Thanks Marina.



I had heard herbs could be good for PMT and was very surprised at how well they worked in the first month. I only take them now if I really need them but everything has be settled for a long time. Thanks! -A

Low Energy

My first consultation was a big eye opener! The following weeks were a steep learning curve in understanding the needs of my own body. I appreciated the sound advice I was given and the affect the herbal remedy and tea mix had on me. My headaches are gone and I've never had as much energy. Thank you.

Recurring Cystitis

I never thought you could use herbs and diet to treat recurring cystitis or the connection with stress. After months of unsuccessful antibiotic use I couldn't get over how one month's treatment on herbs and changing the foods I ate worked so well. It hasn't returned 6 months later. YG


I'm a new man! Energy and motivation is back, sleep restored. Thanks Marina for your generosity of time.


Nothing seemed to help my Crohn's. I suffered with it for 2 years before trying naturopathy and herbs. The nutritional advice I was given and the herbal remedy changed everything. Four months on, as long as I generally stick to the foods appropriate to me I am symptom free. Can't believe I lived with it for so long. Thank you.