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Naturopathy encompases a broad range of assesment tools and techniques to uncover the root of your health issues.  The basis of naturopathy is nutrition. Under naturopathic treatment a nutritional plan is made and supplements are recommended if needed.  Diagnostic tests can be done if necessary.  The use of Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Iridology give the naturopath a unique approach to assessing the individual constitution of the patient.  Bach Flower remedies and Tissue Salts may also be employed.  Naturopathic advice is given to enable you to increase your wellbeing through lifestyle changes.  As Naturopathy is about education, a good naturopath gives the patient the support and encouragement needed to make steps towards taking responsibility for their own health.  This is achieved by giving the patient a better insight into the individual needs of their body, a deeper understanding of their condition and causes of their health issues.