Wild Garlic Pesto

All around the country there are healing wild foods ready to be harvested and used as medicine. Wild Garlic (Ramsons) is one of these foods. Pictured above,

Wild Garlic is found in woodlands growing under trees and along river banks. It is important when you are harvesting any plant from the wild that you identify it properly so bring a good wild plant guide book or an experienced forager with you.

It is the leaves of the Wild Garlic you are looking to collect It's pungent garlicky smell and taste give it away! Make sure you harvest it from a clean area. This includes pollution affecting the plants, traffic fumes or dog excrement. We have a secret spot near us along the river that we harvest from every March. It is lovely as you have to wade through the water in wellies to harvest. We always make sure not to take too much. Over harvesting any plant could kill it leaving you no plant to harvest the following year. Also be aware that other animals, birds and insects may be using these plants as food or shelter. Wild Garlic are also an important part of the woodland or riverside system. Their presence could be protecting tree roots and river bank structure. So choose your spot carefully and be conscientious.

Basic Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

Take 3 handfuls of Wild Garlic leaves and put in a blender with a cup pf olive oil. Add the juice of a lemon and half cup of nuts - wlanuts, cashew or hazelnuts go nice with wild garlic. Begin blending up the ingredients. Add more lemon juice or oil to get the consistency you like. I find more lemon juice than olive oil works. Lastly fresh ground black pepper and some salt (Himalayan rock salt is the yummiest!) to your desired taste. SIMPLE :)