Elderflower Cordial Recipe

The Elder trees are all in full blossom at the moment so make use of it's fantastic medicinal benefits.
We've been out harvesting the blossoms for drying and tincture making. Elderflower is a great anti-inflammatory. Its many uses include upper respiratory conditions like sinusitis, hayfever, fever and cold's and flu's.

For a summertime HAYFEVER TEA place equal parts of fresh Elderflower, Nettles and Plantain leaf in a teapot, add boiling watre and allow to stew covered for 10mins. A good big handful of herbs is enough for a teapot. Take 3-4cups throughout the day hot or cool.

The herb dryer is jam packed with Elderflowers to stock up for winter for any patients suffering from flu. We'll be harvesting the Elderberries come September and drying those too as the combination of the flowers and berries makes for a potent anti-viral and immune boosting remedy.

Back to summer...
We also made some lovely Elderflower cordial for those hot summer afternoons after working hard in the herb garden.
Here's the recipe I use.

Elderflower Cordial
40 Elderflower heads
3 unwaxed lemons
500g castor sugar
1.5litres boiling water
80g citric acid

Grate the peel of the lemons and chop them into small pieces. Make the sugar syrup by placing the sugar in a pot and adding the boiling water stirring to dissolve it. Keep this hot over very low heat. Put the flower heads in a large earthen ware bowl - trimming the bigger stems off the flower heads. Add the grated peel, chopped lemons and citric acid to the bowl of flowers. Pour over the hot syrup and stir well. Leave for 24-48hrs stirring occasionally.
Strain through a muslin cloth and bottle.
Ready to drink straight away.
This is a sweet cordial so I find it tastes best diluted with cold sparkling water and ice.

Enjoy :)