Reduce The Dairy!

TOP TIP coming into the winter months ~ Reduce the DAIRY!
One of the most common causes of congested sinuses and recurring phlegmy chest infections is too much dairy in the diet. Throughout the winter months when the weather is damp it is best to reduce your intake of dairy to avoid mucus build up leading to congestion of the airways. Respiratory conditions are one of the most common ailments I treat in clinic in both adults and children.

As antibiotics are becoming less effective people are looking to herbal medicines, especially mothers not wanting their little ones on antibiotics year in year out come winter. There are many wonderful herbs that stimulate the immune system and are antibiotic and expectorant to prevent and treat respiratory infections. Tussilago, Plantago, Verbascum, Inula and Angelica are a few of my favorites. BUT... the diet needs to addressed for best results and one of the main simple recommendations I have is REDUCE THE DAIRY! Although many dairy products are fantastic wholesome foods when it comes to any kind of respiratory illness they need to be eliminated or reduced in the diet. So if your sinuses begin to play up or you feel a cough and cold coming on simply cutting out the dairy for a week will greatly speed up your recovery time.